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REVISED 8-15-2012



Note 1: Legal counsel for the State and the Class expect that the Superior Court in Anchorage will soon issue a final judgment in the case, which will approve the refunds listed below in Carlson Exhibit Number 1. According to legal counsel for the Class, individual refund checks will be reduced by 15.9 percent for the court-ordered, class counsel attorney fees.

We separated the Carlson Class into three (3) lists, any of which may be accessed by clicking on the appropriate link below. The link labeled Carlson Exhibit Number 1 contains class members who may have overpaid their fees, and, are therefore entitled to a refund and interest. The link labeled Carlson Exhibit Number 2 contains class members who may have underpaid their fees and would not be entitled to a refund. (See Note 2) The link labeled Carlson Class Crewmember Only contains class members who have only held the commercial crewmember licenses. Persons on this list are not entitled to a refund because the license fee they paid each year was less then the allowable differential allowed under Carlson court decisions. (See Note 2)

The Exhibit 1 and Exhibit 2 links are PDF files and will require either a stand alone PDF reader, such as Adobe Acrobat Reader, or a plugin that will allow you to view the PDF within your browser. The files are searchable and are sorted by last name.

Note 2: The State will NOT seek collection from individuals listed on underpayment Exhibit Number 2 or the Carlson Class Crewmember Only list.

Note 3: Class members must keep CFEC notified of address changes using the following form: Carlson Address Change form.

Should you have questions regarding the status of this case, please direct them to plaintiffs' attorney Loren Domke:

  Phone 1: 907-790-2844 - Office
  Phone 2: 907-790-3442 - Recorded information for class members
  Address: 2201 N. Jordan Ave, Juneau AK 99801

Note 4: This page will be updated as new information becomes available.


Adobe Acrobat PDF files require a free viewer available directly from Adobe.
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