WWWP1406    2021-12-31             State of Alaska -- Commercial Fisheries Entry Commission               20:45:11   Page    1

                                             Permit Status Report by Fishery Code, All Years

  |       | Original  | Interim- Interim-         |           Active      | Permanent               |                      |                     |
  |       | Permanent | Entry    Use      Total   | Permanent Permanent   | Renewed     Permanent   | Active   Active      | Number of Number of |
  |       | Permits   | Permits  Permits  Permits | Permits   and Interim | and Interim Permits NOT | Resident Nonresident | Permanent Emergency |
  | Year  | Issued    | Issued   Issued   Issued  | Cancelled Permits     | Issued      Renewed     | Permits  Permits     | Transfers Transfers |
  | -----   --------- | -------- -------- ------- | --------- ----------- | ----------- ----------- | -------- ----------- | --------- --------- |

  There are currently no permits issued for this fishery
    *  In this report Active permits are defined as follows: all permanent permits, regardless of whether they have been
    renewed, and interim-use and interim-entry permits that have been issued.  Excluded from Active Permits are any
    permits that have been cancelled and interim permits that have not been issued (renewed) for the given year.
    ** The term Interim-entry permits is used in this table for interim-use permits issued in a fishery that is under
    limitation.  They are issued to qualified applicants who are awaiting the final determination of their application
    for a permanent limited entry permit.
    - All counts for limited fisheries include cancelled permanent permits except where 'Active Permits' is specified
    - A missing value ('.') is used to indicate that this is a fishery to which the column does not apply.  For example,
    only interim-use permits are issued in unlimited fisheries, therefore columns for permanent permits an interim-entry
    permits will be missing ('.').
    - The counts of transfers above represent the number of transfers, not the number of permits.  There can be multiple
    emergency and permanent transfers of a single permit in a year.
    - Residency is based on the declared residency (either Alaska resident or nonresident) of the year-end permit holder
    in prior years' tables or the declared residency of the current permit holder (or emergency transferor) in the
    current years' table.  If residency is not declared, the address of the year-end permit holder in prior years'
    tables or the address of the current permit holder (or emergency transferor) in the current year's table determines
    residency.  The declared residency or the address of the emergency transfer recipient (transferee) is not used to
    determine residency.  Residency does not apply to vessel permits.  Because of this, the total number of permits for
    all fisheries will not equal the sum of resident and nonresident permits.