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Table description

Information on permit transactions was collected differently before 1987, meaning that values in these tables are not directly comparable to values from 1987 and later. Prior to 1987, the estimated value was calculated for the current month and two prior months. If there were fewer than four transfers, it was determined that insufficient data existed to calculate the estimated value. Transactions from preceding months were not added to reach the minimum required number. Earliest and latest transactions are not indicated for these years.

The Estimated Unweighted Unadjusted Value is the simple (unweighted) mean of the qualifying transactions. The transaction values were not adjusted for inflation using the Consumer Price Index, and so are not displayed in dollar units comparable to the estimated values from 1987 forward.

Pre-1987 permit value tables

Herring Purse Seine Fisheries (G 01A, G 01E, G 01H, G 01K)
Herring Gillnet Fisheries (G 34A, G 34E, G 34K)
Salmon Purse Seine Fisheries (S 01A, S 01E, S 01H, S 01K, S 01L, S 01M)
Salmon Beach Seine Fisheries (S 02K)
Salmon Drift Gillnet Fisheries (S 03A, S 03E, S 03H, S 03M, S 03T)
Salmon Set Gillnet Fisheries (S 04D, S 04E, S 04H, S 04K, S 04M, S 04P, S 04T, S 04W, S 04X, S 04Y, S 04Z)
Salmon Troll Fisheries (S 05B, S 15B)
Salmon Fish Wheel Fisheries (S 08P)