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Free-Sloan, Nancy. 2002. "Chignik Salmon Purse Seine Fishery: Permit Transfer Statistics, 1992-2003." CFEC Rpt. 03-1N


This report was prepared for the Alaska Board of Fisheries’ 2003 meeting on the Chignik salmon purse seine fishery. In 2002 and 2003, Board regulations allowed both a cooperative and a non-cooperative fishery to occur. Some suggest that the cooperative fishery may encourage a number of Chignik permit holders to transfer their permits to a non-fishing family member. The transferor would then be free to fish elsewhere while the non-fishing transfer recipient could join the cooperative and collect a share of the earnings. This report examines permit transfer activity over the 1992 through 2003 time period. The data indicate that the volume of emergency transfers and the volume and nature of permanent transfers during the years of the cooperative fishery are similar to those observed during the pre-cooperative years.