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This edition covers the 79 permit types for which permanent permits have been issued in the period 1975 – 2022. It contains detailed information on transfer incidence, the initial geographic distribution of permit holders, changes in the distribution of permits due to permanent transfers of permits and migration of permit holders, and the year-end 2022 geographic distribution of permit holders. Extensive information is also provided on the age distribution of permit holders, age differences between transferors and transfer recipients, rates and characteristics of intra-family and business partner transfers, permit market values and permit acquisition and financing methods.

The report is published as separate documents: an executive summary and the main report, which is primarily a reference document. This, the main report, includes all chapter tables as well as links to download tables as CSV (comma-separated values) files.

Chapter 1. Introduction

Chapter 2. Transfer Incidence

Chapter 9. Permit Cancellation

Appendix G. Permits by Census Area and Community

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